Celebrating the Success of Our Remarkable Alumni: Sisa Mbeki

Celebrating the Success of Our Remarkable Alumni: Sisa Mbeki 

Dear Go for Gold Community,

We are overjoyed to announce the extraordinary achievement of one of our exceptional alumni, Sisa Mbeki. Sisa, the Chairperson of the Eastern Cape chapter, has led the chapter to a momentous victory – winning the prestigious HEFMA Presidential Award. This national recognition is a testament to the outstanding work carried out by the Eastern Cape chapter in the realm of higher education facilities management systems. We are immensely proud of Sisa and the entire team for this remarkable accomplishment.

Reflecting on this achievement, Sisa shared, “I am extremely happy that the Eastern Cape chapter that I am the chairperson of won a national award. Our Eastern Cape Chapter won a prestigious award. This award is the HEFMA presidential award given to the province that executed outstanding work for HEFMA in the higher education facilities management systems.”

The Eastern Cape chapter’s victory is a testament to their dedication and innovation in the field. Encompassing five esteemed universities – Nelson Mandela University, Walter Sisulu University, UNISA, and Rhodes University – as well as eight TVET Colleges in the province, the chapter, under Sisa’s leadership, has showcased exceptional collaboration and commitment.

Sisa’s journey from being a Go for Gold student to leading the Eastern Cape chapter to this national award is a testament to the transformative power of education and mentorship. Sisa’s passion, determination, and the skills acquired during their time at Go for Gold have undoubtedly played a significant role in this achievement.

As we celebrate Sisa’s success, we are reminded of the impact that mentorship, dedication, and hard work can have on transforming lives and communities. Sisa’s story serves as an inspiration to all current and future Go for Gold students, showcasing the heights that can be reached with perseverance and a commitment to excellence.

Once again, congratulations to Sisa and the entire Eastern Cape chapter for this outstanding achievement. We look forward to witnessing your continued success and the positive impact you will undoubtedly bring to the world.

Warm regards,

The Go for Gold Team