Go For Gold
Award-winning education-to-employment initiative

Our four-phase programme reduces youth unemployment through a structured approach to skills development and provides our industry partners with low-risk recruitment options and BBBEE points.


Go for Gold is an initiative established in 1999 by the construction industry to address the shortage of candidates from disadvantaged communities entering the sector. It is a four-phased programme that focuses on developing students academically, emotionally, and financially to create skilled graduate professionals with self-belief.

The programme has a track record of furnishing the construction sector with skilled human capital, and now invites other technically disciplined companies to participate. Go for Gold is eager to catalyse the collaboration between youth and industry because it is essential to address South Africa’s development challenges and future ethical leadership. Go for Gold aims to bring talented black technical graduates to various technical industries in South Africa.

Tackling Youth Unemployment

Go for Gold is committed to expanding our education-to-employment programme to enable more young people from disadvantaged communities across South Africa to benefit from our holistic education and skills development programme.

Skills Development

The demand to recruit our students from participating companies continues to grow and therefore to meet this demand and expand it further, we must establish new campuses and expand the number of students being tutored each year.


Go for Gold is dedicated to creating industry leaders through our education-to-employment model focusing on youth development.


Go for Gold, together with partners, provides a gateway for disadvantaged students to realise their full potential and play a constructive role in society. Through our education-to-employment programme, we transition selected youth through a four phase, values-based academic and life-skills programme, which enables them to gather work experience, access a tertiary education and be fully prepared to become industrious professionals and leaders in the built environment and related industries.

our Theory of Change

If Go for Gold improves the Mathematics and Science results and develops the leadership skills of its students through the tutorials to become independent thinkers, problem solvers and accountable young people, THEN they will have greater access to higher education and eventually become industrious graduate professionals in the built environment and related industries.

Phase 1 - Education Development Programme

Academic & Leadership Development Intervention 

We start by providing extra tuition in Mathematics and Physical Science to selected Grade 10, 11 and 12 students who attend under-resourced schools in disadvantaged communities with limited resources in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Phase 2 - Workplace Learning Internship

Experiential Gap Year

Once our students complete the Phase 1 Education Development Programme they embark on a Workplace Learning Internship that is an experiential year working at a Go for Gold partner company. 

The purpose of this internship is to assist our students to accurately choose a course of study based on practical exposure to technical vocations at Go for Gold partner companies.

Phase 3 - Higher Education

Tertiary Studies

After the Workplace Learning Internship, Go for Gold students enter tertiary institutions in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Go for Gold facilitates bursary allocations to all our students for their multiple years of study.

Phase 4 - Alumni

Technical Graduates

Go for Gold graduates join the Alumni programme and return to mentor younger students on the programme.

Go for Gold Impact:

The numbers as of end 2022 are:

Education Development Programme
Workplace Learning Internship
28 Technical partners