Our Innovative 4-Phase Programme

Go for Gold’s Innovative 4 phase model, creates future skilled professionals, who possess a strong work ethic and the self belief to succeed.

Phase 1

Education Development Programme

Academic Intervention

We start by providing extra tuition in Mathematics and Physical Science to selected Grade 10, 11 and 12 students who attend under-resourced schools in disadvantaged communities with limited resources in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Leadership Development Intervention

Go for Gold conducts workshops and life-skills sessions to further build student’s confidence, work ethic and commitment to succeed. 

Exposure to Technical Industries

The Education Development programme provides opportunities for youth to visit Go for Gold partner companies, enjoying first-time exposure to technical vocations in the South African built environment. 

Phase 2

Workplace learning Internship

Experiential year

Once our students complete the Phase 1 Education Development programme they embark on an experiential year working at a Go for Gold partner company. 

The purpose of this internship is to assist our students to accurately choose a course of study based on practical exposure to technical vocations.

Leadership Development Intervention

Go for Gold conducts workshops and Leadership Development trainnig sessions for our students to help them integrate into the world of work and be an asset to their temporary employer. 

Bursary Support

Once Go for Gold students are certain of their course of study, Go for Gold assist students to apply for bursaries for their Higher Education phase. 

Phase 3

higher education

Tertiary Studies

After the Workplace Learning Internship, Go for Gold students embark on their multiple years of study. 

Bursary Support

Go for Gold assist 250 to 300 students with bursaries for their multiple years of study. 

Tutors and mentors 

Go for Gold link our students to go for Gold alumni and mentors. 

Phase 4



Go for Gold celebrate 30 to 40 technical graduates per annum.


Go for Gold technical graduates are supported within Go for Gold’s network of partner companies and/or industry. 


Go for Gold technical graduates return to mentor younger students from Phase 1 onwards.