There are 3 ways to partner with Go for Gold, a Level 1 BBBEE programme, namely:


  1. Participating Partner
  2. Go for Gold Supporter
  3. SED Structured Programme Supporter

Partnership Type

Participation Level





Partake in:

  • Sponsoring school-going students in Phase 1 (scholarships).
  • Partake in Phase 1 activities such as the career jamboree to market your company to students and interview Grade 12s for Phase 2 placement at our Ukhetho.
  • Host Phase 2 students at your company.
  • Have your HR Manager attend quarterly HR Forum meetings.
  • Provide bursaries for Phase 3 (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year tuition, books, accommodation and/or stipends)
  • Employ students your company sponsored or bursared in Phase 4.

Per Annum:

  • 162 Phase 1 students: R25 000 per student for Grade 10, 11 or Grade 12 students;
  • Phase 2: provide a monthly stipend
  • Phase 3: bursary support as determined by your company.
  • Request BBBEE Alignment document from
  • Start your pipeline of talented students interested in vocations within your company.
  • Place Go for Gold Phase 2 students on Learnerships while at your company.



Partake in:

  • Sponsoring school-going students in Phase 1 (scholarships).
  • Provide bursaries for Phase 3 (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year tuition, books, accommodation and/or stipends).

Per Annum:

  • R25 000 for Phase 1
  • Bursary as determined by your company



  • Funding by means of a Grant or Donation to Go for Gold to deliver Maths and Science tuition and Leadership Development/Life Skills training in Phases 1 and 2 to deserving youth in the Western Cape and Gauteng regions.
  • As determined by your company

All of the above are purely optional as each area of support may provide a unique opportunity to fulfil your company’s human capital, scorecard and/or community support objectives. 

Go for Gold beneficiaries are recruited from areas with limited resources in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We can obtain student contracts and provide proof of how the funds were spent to advance economic transformation in South Africa.

Go for Gold Construction Industry Partners:

Go for Gold Manufacturing Industry Partners:

BBBEE and Tax Benefits:

Each element of our four-phased programme offers various benefits to companies while securing their future human capital.



Go for Gold is a registered NPO and PBO and we will provide tax receipts for all financial donations received.  

Supplier Development: Ukhetha Investments

Ukhetha Investments (Pty) Ltd established in in 2017, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Go for Gold (RF) NPC –  a South African Public Benefit Organization and Broad Based Ownership Scheme (owned by our beneficiaries on the programme).  It was established as a for profit business to support the valuable work done by Go for Gold.

Ukhetha is a 100% black owned company providing an attractive option for Supplier Development and Enterprise Development support as part of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy to advance economic transformation in South Africa.


Through a partnership with Go for Gold, Ukhetha Investments is a registered private investment company underwritten by accredited credit service providers and solely owned by Go for Gold beneficiaries.


Ukhetha Investments provides Leadership Development, Work Readiness and Life Skills training to companies’ new young employees. Furthermore we offer recruitment services by finding and placing students within build environment companies for work or scholarship/bursary support programmes.


Our Supplier and Enterprise Development process presents multiple ways for companies to meet their scorecard point’s objectives while empowering not only their organization through talent placement but the community at large. Ukhetha helps sustain and progressively transform company’s supply chain while quantitatively reflecting the demographics of the community.