In October 2017, Go for Gold was invited to present our programme for “best practise” in skills development at the African Union conference called “Africa Talks Jobs” in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The conference was organised by NEPAD, Giz, Business Africa with fifty-five African states and the European Union attending. The conference was around the problematic disconnect between career choices, skills development and high dropout rates or fail rates at Universities around the continent.

The Go for Gold model was identified as a developmental pipeline that pre-empts conditions leading to tertiary failures, especially through our unique Phase 2 year in the Go for Gold programme. We were also congratulated on effective partnerships that help strengthen outcomes on our programme.

Thank you to NEPAD, Giz, Business Africa for inviting Go for Gold to have a presence and present our programme as a solution to effective use of partnerships, the Phase 2 year internship year in order to maximise positive outcomes for deserving bursary students.