Every year Go for Gold prepared the Western Cape Phase 2 students for their experiential year on site. This year sees the first cohort of Gauteng Phase 2 students beginning their Phase 2 year. An Induction Camp is held in each region where the students meet their mentors and is a great time for the students to form their Asijiki Groups (accountability groups) while beginning the Go for Gold Leadership Development training.

A Number of activities were held:
1. Group Naming and Performances
2. Find the Celeb
3. Pool Group Synchronized Dancing
4. During free learners learner’s played soccer,
Netball/Basket ball (Girls v/s Boys)
5. Also had motivational writing (Letter to Myself)
6. Sharing their experience with mentors.
7. Variety Show

Great fun was had by all and our Phase 2s are ready for a year in the built environment in Gauteng.

Our Phase 2 students were placed at the following Go for Gold partner companies for 2017:

  1. Aveng Grinaker LTA
  2. Terra Strata
  3. Murray & Roberts
  4. NMC (Pty) Ltd
  5. Power Group
  6. Stefanutti Stocks Marine
  7. WBHO

Good luck to our first cohort of Gauteng Phase 2 students, we know you will make us proud!