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Tackling the skills shortage in the Built Environment and related sectors, while simultaneously addressing youth unemployment, requires an innovative and collaborate approach.

Go for Gold has created a transformative solution to these serious issues and is committed to expanding in order to benefit many more young people, from disadvantaged communities across South Africa. We need to collaborate to achieve this goal.

Our partners are made up of people who understand that the journey from school to employment is a long one and that developing skilled, employable candidates requires patience and investment.

Benefits to Partnering Companies


High Talent Retention for Technical Staff

75% remain with their sponsoring company after working back their bursary


Improved Ratio Female:Male Graduates

50% of Go for Gold students are female creating an improved ratio of female to male graduates.


Low Risk Recruitment

Go for Gold students are better prepared to enter the working world


Investment in Future Leadership

By partnering with us, you are investing in the leaders of the future.


B-BBEE Scorecard Points

Contributions to Go for Gold can be applied to SED and/or Skills Development budgets


Tax Deductable

Go for Gold is a registered NPO and PBO and will provide tax receipts for financial contributions

Our Current Partners