Go for Gold launches programme related podcasts

Go for Gold launched its first podcast today wherein Karen Rademeyer, the Go for Gold Fundraising and Communications Manager interviewed a Phase Two Workplace Learning Programme student at a Go for Gold partner company construction site. Enjoy the podcast and please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel regularly for updates. Listen here to the […]

Successful March 2022 Holiday Programme

Thanks to Go for Gold’s partner companies, our students were able to attend various construction sites to see the industry at work. Thank you to our partner W Unser Construction for hosting our Grade 11 and 12 students at an impressive house build in Camps Bay to the value of R33 million. The students thoroughly […]

Go for Gold Excellence, yet again

Go for Gold’s year began in much anticipation about how our Grade 11 and 12 students fared in their final exams at the end of 2021. Having worked very hard in 2021, both Go for Gold and our students were excited to learn of the outcome of our hard work. On 21 January 2022, we […]

We’re back! 2022 here we come.

Go for Gold welcome all staff, students, board members, donors and partner companies with best wishes for the new year. We at Go for Gold are excited to share our golden education-to-employment programme with many new students entering the programme in 2022, while continuing to support our existing students through the rest of our programme. […]

Entrepreneurial training

Go for Gold has the immense pleasure of having an amazing international supporter, Mr Wolfgang Handt from Rotary Nuremberg-Reichswald. He was instrumental in the creation of a German bank account for donations for Go for Gold ensuring German donors’ contributions received tax benefits. Mr Handt has always successfully initiated grants in support of Go for […]

First plastics manufacturing company sponsors Go for Gold student

For 22 years, Go for Gold has supported talented youth, empowering them on their academic and career development journeys to becoming technical graduates for the South African built environment. As of 2021, Go for Gold was approached by Bowler Packaging in the Western Cape, who identified Go for Gold as a programme that aligns with […]

Go for Gold Verein Sozialfonds

Covid19 has impacted every single person and/or business around the world in 2020. The knock-on and detrimental effect of lockdowns have been incredible. Even though each country was affected, some countries were worse off, even before Covid19, like South Africa. Unfortunately our country had already been experiencing a shrinking economy prior to Covid19 and many […]

Covid19, our response

Go for Gold is still going strong! Go for Gold remained resilient and adapted our efforts to connect with our students during the Covid19 South African lockdown. We managed to maintain contact and deliver our programme to our Phase 1 students during the March school holidays and deliver our Maths and Science tuition, and Leadership […]