A closer look at our innovative

4 Phase Model

Go for Gold’s Innovative 4 phase model, creates future skilled professionals, who possess a strong work ethic and the self belief to succeed.



We start by providing extra tuition in Mathematics, Physical Science and Computer Skills to selected Grade 11 and 12 students who attend under-resourced schools in disadvantaged communities.



Go for Gold conducts workshops and life-skills sessions to further build student’s confidence, work ethic and commitment to succeed.



The Phase 2 internship gives our Go for Gold matriculants the opportunity to experience the Built Environment and related sectors before planning their career. Our participating companies offer internships to our Phase 2 students for a year. Students are paid as interns and get to work on site/or in the office, and experience a wide range of career opportunities within the Built Environment, Engineering and related sectors. The value of Phase 2 year is enormous as students learn the ‘what, how and why’ on the job. Students learn how the various professionals/artisans contribute to creating a finished product. By being in the actual workplace, they can observe and job shadow those experienced professionals/artisans who they would like to emulate.

In most cases, the Phase 2 experience inspires participants, gives them hope for the future, and teaches them both self-reliance and teaches them both self-reliance and teamwork.
Our partner companies get to test the student’s aptitude for a career in the sector and their fit for the organisation.

By including this Phase 2 internship in our programme, Go for Gold offers a unique solution to companies looking for graduates who are ready to embrace a career in your industry.



Go for Gold provides Phase 2 students with tailor-made courses which include elements of Grade 12 Mathematics and Physical Science. This gives students a background to Engineering subjects and introduces them to the fundamentals of their first year tertiary studies. In this way, the Go for Gold experience prepares students for their tertiary studies and significantly reduces the first year undergraduates drop-out rate.



Students are paid directly by the partner company. Advice on the average salary is available on request. In addition, financial support to Go for Gold for Phase 2 bridging classes and life skill sessions is needed.


In Phase 3 our students, who are maturing and growing in confidence, enter their tertiary studies on a bursary from a sponsoring company. Their choice of what to study has been informed by their Phase 2 year and, having experienced what the future might hold for them as graduate professionals, they are more committed and determined to succeed. During their first year of tertiary studies, Go for Gold provides additional tuition for those students who require extra support.


Throughout the programme, Go for Gold conducts workshops and life-skills sessions to address issues such   as low self-esteem, the absence of positive role-models, lack of confidence, motivation and ambition.



In Phase 4, our graduate students join the workplace as young graduate professionals or skilled artisans. Their commitment and loyalty to their employers has been firmly established during the earlier phases of their Go for Gold journey.

Go for Gold encourages its alumni to give back to the programme, by mentoring students who are in earlier phases of the programme.

Partner Benefits


80% of all Go for Gold students successfully complete their degrees, diplomas or certificate courses in the minimum prescribed period.

How to Get Involved

Companies can choose to sponsor a student for specific tertiary studies (i.e. Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Building Science, etc.) and secure his or her services as an employee upon graduation, by making this a condition of the bursary. 

Additional Benefits

Supports B-BBEE scorecard commitments

(Bursaries can be applied to Skills Development budgets)