For two years, Go for Gold was unable to host our Annual Industry Fundraising Dinner (AIFD) due to Covid-19. The last dinner was held in 2019 at The Westin, where Go for Gold celebrated their 20th Anniversary.

The AIFD is extremely well-attended by industry every year, specifically Go for Gold partner companies who are literally the best in the business when it comes to the varied, dynamic and highly skilled built environment disciplines. The event is attended by industry, donors and alumni.

With the pandemic slowly improving, Go for Gold has announced that they will once again host an Industry Fundraising Dinner on 28 July 2022 at Gold Restaurant in aid of the 500+ students currently benefitting from the career building aspects of education-to-employment programme. All Go for Gold students come from some of South Africa’s poorest communities. Go for Gold is supported by their partner companies but have to fundraise in order to continue giving deserving youth enhanced education in Maths and Science, Leadership Development/ Life Skills, a skills development pipeline that results in academic and financial support on the journey to graduating as technical graduates.

Go for Gold hereby extends our invitation to all:

2022 Invitation to the Annual Industry Fundraising Dinner

About our speaker – Dr Philippa Tumubweinee:

Philippa Nyakato Tumubweinee awarded her PhD at the School of Higher Education Studies, University of the Free State under the supervision of Prof. Loyiso Jita (SANRAL Chair for Education | Dean of Education) and Prof. Thierry Luescher (Research Director: Education and Skills Development, HSRC) on the 28th June 2019, is: a co-founder and director of IZUBA INafrica Architects; and, senior lecturer and Head of School at Architecture Planning & Geomatics, University of Cape Town. Her focus on technology and construction in architecture is located in the first-year architecture studio.
After completing her M.Arch. Prof degree in 2006 with a notable distinction in Construction, tumubweinee was introduced to academia at the dept. of Architecture, University of Pretoria as an assistant Studio Master in the First Year Studio. In 2007 she joined the dept. of Architecture, University of Johannesburg (UJ) South Africa as the First-Year coordinator and Design Studio Master. In this role she was intimately involved in the recurriculation and programme development at the department. Noteworthy in collaboration with the FIRST YEAR STUDENTS from 2007 to 2012 she held several public exhibitions centered around the documentation of the city of Johannesburg, the most notable exhibitions being held at the Main Change: MABONENG precinct and at the Gesso Studio in Melville, Johannesburg.  From 2009 to 2012 she served on the board for the Gauteng Institute for Architects (GIfA) where she contributed to the re-branding and rejuvenation of GifA as an active vehicle through which the significance of architects and architecture is made visible in the broader society.  As a member of this Board, philippa was privileged to be part of the project team that brought that first international architectural festival AZA 2010 to the shores of South Africa.

In March 2012 till March 2017 she joined the dept. of Architecture, University of the Free State whilst working on her doctoral degree. In 2012 she served on the National Judging Panel for the SAIA Awards of Merit and Excellence and presented a paper on one of her projects the Esquared House at the ARCH THEO’12 conference in Istanbul. She was also the co-Master of Programme and Ceremonies at the second AZA 2012 Architectural Conference in Cape Town and gave the keynote at the NEXUS Architectural Students Conference, Australia. As a result, in 2013 she served on the National Judging Panel for the prestigious AfriSAM Sustainability Awards. 

Tumubweinee’s commitment to architectural education has developed through her involvement as an external examiner for MProf and BHons students in Architecture at, the University of Pretoria and Namibia University of Science and Technology. 

Tumubweinee is an avid and active presence in the design industry in South Africa with a crippling weakness for shoes, art and rugby.


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Contact Details:

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Go for Gold looks forward to a fun-filled night and uniting a collective passion for positive social impact, empowering Go for Gold to meaningfully change the trajectory of our beneficiaries lives.