At the end of 2016, Go for Gold met with the Star Schools Programme in Gauteng to discuss a partnership.

The meeting came about when Go for Gold, who is sent to specific schools as identified by the Department of Education, realised they were approaching the same students, at the same schools where the Star School Programme provide tuition. The synergies and benefits soon became apparent and an expertise exchange was agreed upon. Go for Gold, also a Maths and Science tuition provider would bring technical career development opportunities and Leadership Development training to the Star Schools cohort and Star Schools would provide tuition in Maths, Science and English to Star Schools students who have joined the Go for Gold programme. Go for Gold presented the 4-phased Education-to-Employment programme to the Star School cohort  at the end of 2016 and the partnership officially commenced at the beginning of January 2017.

Go for Gold Education-to-Employment Programme

The Go for Gold Education-to-Employment programme is an all-inclusive 4-phased model benefiting both youth and industry.

Go for Gold is an award-winning Education-to-Employment non-profit that creates skilled, graduate professionals for the South African built environment. It created to address skills shortages and unemployment matters for South African youth. Go for Gold run a 4 phase programme that begins in schools where in Phase 1 we provide extra maths and science tuition to Grade 11 and 12 students who are interested in pursuing careers in the built environment. Phase 2 the students work on site for a year after school to determine which career they will study for in Phase 3 (tertiary). Go for Gold provide bridging classes in maths and science to better prepare them for University level maths and science, provide leadership development training and apply for bursaries for our Phase 3 students. Phase 4, Go for Gold utilise our partner companies to employ our beneficiaries.

Go for Gold’s young beneficiaries enjoy embarking on a developmental journey that invests in them personally and academically, facilitating practical exposure to career paths before securing bursaries for tertiary studies in technical professions. The South African built environment companies who are passionate about education and transformation, enjoy the benefits of better bursary investments and retaining skilled human capital. The 4-phased model can easily be replicated for every technically-oriented industry wishing to foster young talent for their industry.

Star Schools Programme

Star Schools is a supplementary education service provider that has been delivering and facilitating turnkey teaching, learning and management solutions to basic education since 1968, with a specific focus on grades 10, 11 and 12.

As a registered service provider to the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE), we have been working in close collaboration with the department for more than four decades, and all our materials and programmes are developed in line with the national curriculum and tailored to meet the specific needs of South African high school learners.

Star Schools’ success in improving South Africans’ access to world-class education through the provision of top-quality supplementary educational products and services is unrivalled. Thousands of grade 10, 11 and 12 learners have achieved improved high school results through our Saturday School, Matric Rewrite and Incubator programmes.

The purpose of the Star School Programme is to:

Learners are exposed to high-quality instruction from excellent educators and also receive support materials. English is included because all subjects benefit from a further understanding of the language, and ensures that learners are better prepared for the rigours of tertiary education.

The syllabus covered is that used by the Department of Education and is aligned to the national CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) document.

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