The Career Jamboree event has been an annual event in Cape Town over the years but as of 2015 Go for Gold expanded their programme to Gauteng and Port Elizabeth. Career Jamborees provide Go for Gold Phase 1 Grade 12 learners an opportunity to be exposed to and interact with prospective built environment companies and tertiary education institutions. Partner companies and institutions are invited to introduce who they are, display what they do and offer to their students or employees. Learners make informed decisions, based on what they’ve seen/experienced at the Career Jamboree about the companies they would like to be interviewed by at the Ukhetho for their Phase 2 placement.  The Ukhetho is an afternoon event later in the year for all Phase 1 Grade 12 Go for Gold participants to be interviewed by selected prospective companies to determine their Phase 2 placement after matriculating.

The Career Jamborees in Cape Town have always been a hit but this year Gauteng and Port Elizabeth hosted their first Career Jamboree and the event echoed the success regularly achieved in Cape Town.

On 30 June 2016 we hosted a Cape Town Career Jamboree for 70 Grade 12 Phase One students from 18 schools at Ravensmead High School. Our partner companies present at the Cape Town Career Jamboree were:

Our education partners present  were:

On 28 July 2016 we hosted our first Gauteng Career Jamboree for 30 Phase One students from 11 schools at Bakerton Secondary School.Our partner companies present at the Gauteng Career Jamboree were:

Our education partners present at today’s Career Jamboree were:

On 8 July 2016, although Port Elizabeth run on a slightly different model they successfully hosted their first Career Jamboree for 13 Grade 12 students and also invited 25 Grade 11 students. Companies present were:

It was the first Career Jamboree in Port Elizabeth and a test-run for companies where they met our Grade 12 learners for the first time. It was very successful as Grade 12 learners were exposed to some new engineering partners and HR personnel, resulting in a valuable learning experience.

All students present at all of the regional Career Jamborees came from together from different schools, Go for Gold transported all the students to the venue, provided them with something to eat and drink and later transported all the students back to their homes.

Our students are all very excited to once again come face to face with prospective Phase 2 partners at the Uketho taking place in all regions later this year. We are excited too!